Finding Balance

Finding Balance

This week I have been underwater at work with more to do than is humanly possible. I’m alone this weekend so going to put in some extra time to catch up. So what do I do? I go shopping.

One hour and new file folders, desk organizer, pens and post-its in, my desk is cleaned up. Silly, you say?

I then immediately managed to get nagging projects done. You know the don’t-wake-up-in-the-middle-of-the-night-or-you’ll-stress-about-them projects? Yeah, those. Four of them.

Thanks Office Max for a little peace.


Bold Enough for All That 2012 Will Bring

Twenty- twelve. I am so excited for this new year. Not in a “can’t wait to leave the old” way, although truth be told, there are parts of last year best in the past. No, I look forward to this year with a giddy excitement for the possibilities that lie ahead, the people I may meet, places I may see and the thrill of seeing where my grown children may go.

Something about a new start energizes me to look at everything in a fresh way. I’ve selected the new supplies for my office, joined a home organizing challenge, and outlined my annual improve our family health plan. But this year promises horizons we’ve not travelled.

Our youngest is applying for college and we embark on our twenty-fifth year of marriage, more in love than ever. Life is good and we have been blessed. There are dreams swirling in our minds and prayers gurgling in our hearts. God give us safety and guide our kids. Help us be a blessing and to know your path for our lives.

Twenty-twelve, I can’t wait to see what you hold. I’m ready and I am bold enough to take everything you have to offer! Happy New Year. May it be full of peace, life, hope, strength and contentment for you my friends. Talk to you in 2012, Sally