The unexpected miracles

I work hard at everything I do.  I try to be the best wife, mom, citizen and employee I can. Then in my free time I try to save the world.

I say “yes” more than I probably should, give away things that I could still use and take on projects I should likely decline. I want to help everyone and donate as often as I can. 

I love to help. I always have.  And, I believe firmly that “what goes around, comes around.” But that doesn’t mean I give for the sole purpose of getting. Nope, I’d do it anyway. But, to be perfectly honest, there are days where I am tired or stressed and do wonder when that “coming around” might be taking place.

Maybe I am wired to give or help because I am a solution person.  If the road is rough, tough or stressful, there’s got to be a way to make it better.  If someone is in need, there’s got to be a way to help. So I trudge on with some humanitarian compulsion to find a solution, an option, a glimmer of hope. There is always a way. There has to be.

Some people think I’m naive and being sucked in to manipulation. Like the other day, it was cold and some lonely man was huddled up under a bridge.  I asked my hubby to take us to the closest store and I bought some hot dinner and we brought it back to him.  It wasn’t a big deal and he was very grateful.  I was chided by others for being silly.  What harm is it to help another human?  Isn’t that what we should do?  Isn’t it our responsibility to be humane and help when it’s in our power to do? 

And I know that my life is full of unexpected miracles.  I know it’s related.  Like recently someone showed up and offered to help us buy the airfare for a humanitarian trip for our daughter with his air miles.  What would have cost $1000+ ended up costing us $60.10.  My little three-year old neighbor saw me in the yard and dropped her bike, ran to me and jumped in my arms for a hug.  A long time friend we haven’t seen in years called out of the blue for a visit.  Life is good, we are blessed.

I will continue to give, to serve, to volunteer, donate and help, just as long as I am able.  It’s the way I’m built. It’s our duty and privilege to take care of each other.  And you never know when a little miracle might be right around the corner.