Farm Lesson #2 – Barnyards and Stemware

Farm lesson #2….Don’t carry your stemware to the barn.

I was checking on the animals and carried a glass of wine with me. I mean, makes perfect sense right?

Well, puppy jumped up and broke the bottom off my glass in one clunk. Good news? No one ate the glass pieces before I picked them up. That and the wine didn’t spill.

LOL. This farming life is coming along.


Farm Lesson – #1 Appropriate Shoe Attire

I’m a California girl who loves the beach, flip flops are my favorite shoe wear.

Lesson #1 of farm life? Flip flops do not make appropriate footwear around animals. Oh, lesson #2?? A bonus… I wouldn’t recommend a polka dot pedicure around chickens in said flip flops…just sayin’.