He can do it again – finding faith in “the middle”

The middle. We are so safe in the middle. Not too in. Not too out. Nice and safe.

bird on gate at farm

The allure of the middle is a false safety net. The middle is full of fear. Protecting our heart from growing too attached, “shusshing” our spirits to not thrill too much, quieting our minds to not get carried away with dreams, quelling the soul to protect it from believing good things can come to you.

Why, when the very thing I have dreamed and prayed about for years is coming true, am I afraid? Silly vanity…robbing the joy of blessing through worry as if the universe is conspiring against me. Foolish heart that tip toes around the proof, afraid to shout it from the rooftops for fear of it not working out. Selfish pride, to assume I can live this life and not feel pain. The middle suffocates.

But alas, doesn’t this world need a little more hope…a little more possibility and positivity? Doesn’t this world need to see someone reach and try? To imagine a new beginning, a fresh start, a dream come true. Doesn’t this world, yea my very heart, need the medicine of courage and strength of will to dare to dream? Who then, am I to withold this strength from the world? Who am I to push back the tide of courage to others?

Softly, gently I step. Moving into the light of possibility. Of dreams come true, of possible heart ache, indeed, but of new life most certainly!

Things are not sure yet, but I am taking baby steps to find my new horizon. God, you have not failed me yet and I believe you are going to move a mountain once again.


Changing with the Seasons

The seasons are changing and so am I.  I love the fall.  I love the colors, the textures, the smells, the crisp, cool air, the peace that travels from vacations to new routines. Sure, I adore the sunshine and lakes of summer (I am a Californian girl by birth after all), but there is something exhilarating about the fall that brings my soul alive with a new energy.  

Call me romantic or silly, perhaps it is my want of change that feels a rebirth with the passing of each season. But I have always loved going back to school, I adore sweaters and jeans and can’t wait for football season, so maybe it’s just a familiar comfort of some of my favorite things that come with this season. Maybe. 

No, there’s something else about fall, something about seasons passing that rings within my soul.  Change reveals possibility, hope, newness and opportunity. Each season plays host to its own special moments and holidays, but each brings about a miracle of newness.  A fresh start and a reminder that it’s never too late, I’m never too old and life is full of potential. The thorn pricks of the past season are long gone.  The dreams I rehearse in my heart and mind are still possible.  I am invigorated to change my world again; to be the best human I know how; to love and serve those around me.

Yes, the seasons are changing and so am I.

What is your favorite part of fall?