Lessons from the fire hose.

So four months in to a new position that is HUGE, challenging and so fun, I feel like I have been drinking from a fire hose. To be the first and only marketing staff hired to a brand new company two months AFTER go-live paints a picture pretty succinctly. I wanted more challenge, more creativity and more opportunity for growth and boy have I gotten it!

So what lessons have I learned from the fire hose? Four pretty simple ones:

1) Never underestimate the power of networking and relationships. In this world of high-tech communications, it still boils down to humanity and you must take time to build relationships.

2) There is always, always, always time for research and strategy, even if it feels like you are trying to attach parts to the car while you are driving 60 mph on the highway! There’s no “too busy” to skip this crucial step…unless you aren’t concerned with effectiveness.

3) The art of prioritization is critical. Everything is urgent and with 24-7 communication on the phone, the cell, the computer, social media, we have to be able to sort through the chaos and identify the goals most important to the organization. The rest is important, but it can wait in line.

4) All work and no play makes Jane a very, very unbalanced and less effective professional. It’s tempting.  More hours, more time, more, more, more in order to just get “caught up”, but there really is a necessity for balance.  If you aren’t taking care of yourself, eating well, exercising and taking time off, your effectiveness as a professional will suffer. Promise.

The transition to a new position and greater responsibility has been invigorating.  I’ve tapped deeper into my skill set and reached further in my network to bring to the company what we need to grow.  It’s been an exciting and richly rewarding journey so far.