Starting my 30 day diet from complaining.

In a meeting wpexels-photo-414586.jpegith a colleague at work, we had covered all the necessary things – strategy, planning, next steps, etc. What was said next caught me completely by surprise.  “Are you having fun at work, Sally?”  That stopped me in my tracks. I love to have fun, to be silly, to enjoy and be playful, but was I having fun at work? No. Not really. And I hadn’t in quite some time.

Then on my commute home, I stumbled upon an article in Simplify Magazine about how to deal with stress.  One of the things it mentioned was to stop complaining.  It went on to say that the energy and time I put into complaining robs me of my peace, of my strength and my truth. As I sat on the train trying not to look like I had just been stung, I was suddenly so aware of how much I complain. Somewhere along the line, I let pessimism and pain and struggle become my focus and that led to a joyless, striving life. What.a.drag. Both to live and to be around.

So I determined then and there that I am going on a diet immediately. No complaining for 30 days. Just to see what happens in my life when I change my position from victim to owner of my life and attitude.

So, this is the end of day one. I did ok. My boss was out of town, so it gave me a lot of time alone to do projects, so that was a sort of grace to set me on my way.  I have to say, I don’t think I complained…I teetered a couple of times pretty close, but didn’t jump in. The awareness alone will be transcendent, I can tell.

So the end of day one – how do I feel?  Nothing. I feel nothing. I’m not mad, not sad, not glad. Just am. I guess that’s better than all bundled up and stressing, so I’ll take it.

Join me as I walk this diet and see what changes in my life.  I can’t wait to share this journey I am on.