“Unrush” Me.

Since I was 16 years old, this is the first time I have not worked over the holiday months. In a break between jobs, I decided I was going to use this space to take a good look at my career, what I want to do, where I want to be and how am I going to be a 106better leader. Here are a few of my thoughts.

  1. Be the boss.  I have been working long hours for years. In this time of reflection I realize that my success, stamina, resiliency and attitude are directly correlated to the investment in my own health. My best work has come when I was sleeping enough, working out regularly and eating well. When I let those things slide, it impacts much more than my waist line!
  2. Be present. Our lives get filled up with meetings, projects and to-dos. In the press of it all, we lose connection to this moment. A bleary eyed, worn and stressed professional cannot recognize or enjoy the truly memorable micro-moments of our own lives, let alone that of our teams or customers. Being present takes discipline and practice, but it can help reduce stress, help us connect more meaningfully to one another and can inspire new ways of seeing our business, work and life.
  3. “Unrush” me. We are always pushing for more, newer, faster, better.¬†But, we can’t force innovation and¬†just¬†trying harder¬†doesn’t¬†help. Sometimes we need to be willing to¬†slow down.Whether it’s¬†time off,¬†free space in your calendar, going for a walk or¬†just leaving the project alone for a bit, by “unrushing” we give innovation time to settle in and new ideas to take shape.
  4. Keep¬†learning.¬† In my busy professional life, I intended to make room for reading, learning, classes or training. I snuck a few¬†opportunities in, but my jam-packed schedule¬†made learning feel self-indulgent and wasteful.¬†I’m reminded how beneficial¬†a few¬†hours a week to read, take an online course or listen to a webinar can be to provide¬†fresh perspective on your work.¬†It’s not selfish, it’s actually very smart and a great way to remain even more effective in your work.

This time of rest and reflection has¬†shown¬†me¬†how I can be a better¬†employee and¬†marketing leader. You don’t have to have weeks off, but¬†maybe over the holidays,¬†you¬†can “unrush” a little and take some time to refresh your mind, spirit and body! Happy Holidays. Cheers to a fabulous and successful 2017!