Farm Lesson – #1 Appropriate Shoe Attire

I’m a California girl who loves the beach, flip flops are my favorite shoe wear.

Lesson #1 of farm life? Flip flops do not make appropriate footwear around animals. Oh, lesson #2?? A bonus… I wouldn’t recommend a polka dot pedicure around chickens in said flip flops…just sayin’.


C-H-I-C-K-E-N. It’s Chicken.

That’s CHICKEN Coop Daisy Mae, C-H-I-C-K-E-N….not goat. Any questions?

Daisy Mae is our little red headed, freckled ear Nigerian dwarf doe. She is going to be that goat…the troublemaker. Silly girl.

Play with your food

We are set for a hot stretch and one of my favorite ways to stay cool and hydrated is to infuse water in the fridge.

Some of my favorites are rosemary and lemon, lemon and ginger, berries and lime, basil and lemon and I’m testing a new one…red grapes and lemon. I’ll let you know how it tastes.

Go ahead, play with your food.

He can do it again – finding faith in “the middle”

The middle. We are so safe in the middle. Not too in. Not too out. Nice and safe.

bird on gate at farm

The allure of the middle is a false safety net. The middle is full of fear. Protecting our heart from growing too attached, “shusshing” our spirits to not thrill too much, quieting our minds to not get carried away with dreams, quelling the soul to protect it from believing good things can come to you.

Why, when the very thing I have dreamed and prayed about for years is coming true, am I afraid? Silly vanity…robbing the joy of blessing through worry as if the universe is conspiring against me. Foolish heart that tip toes around the proof, afraid to shout it from the rooftops for fear of it not working out. Selfish pride, to assume I can live this life and not feel pain. The middle suffocates.

But alas, doesn’t this world need a little more hope…a little more possibility and positivity? Doesn’t this world need to see someone reach and try? To imagine a new beginning, a fresh start, a dream come true. Doesn’t this world, yea my very heart, need the medicine of courage and strength of will to dare to dream? Who then, am I to withold this strength from the world? Who am I to push back the tide of courage to others?

Softly, gently I step. Moving into the light of possibility. Of dreams come true, of possible heart ache, indeed, but of new life most certainly!

Things are not sure yet, but I am taking baby steps to find my new horizon. God, you have not failed me yet and I believe you are going to move a mountain once again.

Transitioning to life on the farm

farm, farmer, Enumclaw, polka dot farmer
Never a lack of work on the farm

Life on the farm is busy. But it’s amazing.

Let me first start by saying, we both work in the city, so we commute an hour and 15 minutes each way on the train to work and are in the thick of downtown Seattle by day, and take that same commute each evening to the heart of pure country by night.

It’s different in the country. It’s dark, it’s quiet. Except for the sound of frog song, wind in the trees and a faint din of traffic in the distance. I’m not sure you can ever escape that in the Seattle area. But it’s peaceful and there is a sort of zen that takes over you when you are here. It feels like home.

Our farm is just under 5 acres, in Enumclaw, with a peek-a-boo view of Mt. Rainer. So it’s not a large farm, but it’s a beautiful place to land. In our first 12 weeks on our farm, we have built a chicken coop and raised 7 baby chicks to hens (no eggs yet), added a farm dog (full Pyrenese puppy) to watch over us and adopted 4 nigerian dwarf goats. In two weeks, we are picking up a couple of barn cats to help keep the mouse population at bay in our feed “barn”. Suffice it to say that our two Westie dogs who have had the world centered around them are figuring out how much bigger that world is than they thought…I’m not sure they love it, but they will come along. And they are the only ones allowed in the house, so they are still top dogs.

There is never a lack of work to do, but it doesn’t feel like “work” – it’s just what you do. Our routine has changed significantly and I can tell you, there is a whole lot less TV in our life than there was a few months ago. I have already seen my waistline shrinking and my stamina building. It’s good work, hard work, but good.

I hope you’ll come along as I share this journey of our life on the farm and transitioning to this little piece of heaven on earth. I hope it will be a place you can enjoy with us and be blessed by.

Goat Errrrrrrr.

We were not seriously looking, but one day at the train station a lady is recommending a realtor to me. So we end up meeting her in Enumclaw, Washington to look at a house with land on a fluke. There was an instant connection. Fast forward 12 weeks and we are sitting in our new home, all settled on just shy of 5 acres, peering out at the sunset over the lower pasture and blueberry patch.

Dreams of flowers, fruit, vegetables and plans for our goat herd are in motion. Sleep comes easy with the quiet, dark country setting and things just feel right.

I am a goat errrrrr and so grateful for the many blessings in our life. I work in Seattle and get to come home every night to the country and check on my 7 hens and dogs, the garden, the home.

Amazing! I am a lucky, lucky girl!!!