Farm life

Sorting. Packing. Moving.

We just moved – for the ninth time in our married life. No, we aren’t military. No we don’t work for the government, apparently we are just vagabonds, as my brother in law put it.

I know people who HATE moving, won’t move, are afraid to move. And in the middle of sorting and packing up our shit, er personal belongings, I totally get it. Moving is hard. And the longer you have been in one place, the more “personal belongings” you have to deal with.

But in a strange, hurts so good kind of way, I kind of like the result of moving. There is something in the sorting that is nearly spiritual for me. Back breaking? Mind bending? Soul sucking? Yes, all of that, but it can also be a physical and emotional cathartic exercise for me Whoaaaa.. freak show alarms just went off. Stick with me, that’s as weird as it’s getting, promise.

Somewhere between sorting through the “must keeps” in my 50 coffee mug collection and going through bins and bins of old photos that were destined to be scrapbooked in the 90s, I find myself getting really aggressive about unnecessary baggage. I become a ruthless machine. No, we will not move these frickin 15 pound yearbooks one more time. No, I do not need a bin of decorations for every holiday. No, no, no!

I find myself choosing to drop things from the past that seemed necessary, seemed defining at some point, that are no longer useful or the right things for me now. They aren’t all bad, but they aren’t right for us now. So physically, bit by bit, we intentionally sort our lives. We evaluate every piece, every book, every influence and begin to drop the baggage of the past. I had a friend tell me that when they move, they walk the edges of every property with a sage smudge and just intentionally leave their past and the past that comes with the property behind. They invite a new beginning. I know some who march the property lines and pray, others who just bless the home or arrive with an intentional expectation of something new. In all of this, we are simply sorting – declaring that the old struggle, the past challenges and labels, the time to leave it memories, the 20 extra coffee mugs we simply don’t need are not coming with us to this new start.

In the process, I am sorting internally. Realizing this gift, photo or way of thinking about things is no longer going to have a place in my life. Old photos, letters, papers, books that remind of times that don’t belong in today, I’m not hauling it forward any more. Not in boxes. Not in my heart. So, as we lighten our “things” we begin to lighten our souls and we are set free in ways we never imagined, in ways we may not even see.

So here I am on the other side, celebrating the goodness of God and the few things that are very special to us in our new space. I’m really excited at the new things that are part of this new journey! I am overwhelmed with gratefulness. The sorting takes time friends, it’s hard and sometimes you are going to pack it up and move it anyway. But, when you’re ready, you will realize on the other side, it shouldn’t have come at all. It’s ok, no shame, just get those 20 coffee mugs in a box and drop it at the nearest donation center. XO friends.

1 thought on “Sorting. Packing. Moving.”

  1. Well said Sally. I hope you are happy and enjoying your job. I will miss you at the farmers market this summer and your yummy blueberry treats.

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