Pears are Ready

Pears are new to me. We have a small hybrid tree with Bartlett and two different types of Asian pears on our farm, so I’m especially in learning mode.

I’ll be honest to say the gritty texture has always had me coming in with a “fine” score for pears. But, pears right off the tree are much more tasty. And the frugal side of me that hates to waste was determined to find a way to use them!

I made a homemade pizza with sliced pears, feta and a balsamic reduction, which was really yummy, but used 9nly a couple. So today I got serious and found a recipe on Ball’s website for Honey Cinnamon Pears. I added extra cinnamon, which is no surprise. And I made my own version of salted caramel pear butter (also on their site). But I made salted caramel sauce and just added it before the final reduction. It took much less sugar this way and then I could add just a little to not completely take over the pear taste. This will be super tasty on  Turkey sandwich or pancakes!

Happy Fall!


2 thoughts on “Pears are Ready

  1. Michelle eagan says:

    My good friend lives in a Hood River, OR (pear growing headquarters for sure!) and she has told me that ripening pears is different than apples for some pear varieties. Several pear varieties need to have cold storage first and then you can ripen them on the counter to eat (the opposite of apples). So not sure which variety you have- but getting them good and ripe will help with the gritty texture. The recipes sound delish!! I still remember your awesome honey crisp apple sauce that you shared and my kiddo could not eat enough of. 😀

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