Farm life

Farm Lesson #3 – Outside Pets

We spoil our pets…always have. If you were to sum up the way our pets are treated, it may sound like this, “Whatever you need…at your service my leege”.

So to have outdoor pets is a new experience for us. I mean, at some point, our bed is full!

So we have the barn set up for goats and kitties, and a separate set up for the puppy. But we refresh the bedding every week, deliver food, water, treats twice a day. Our day begins and ends with the needs of these pets.

We visit regularly, let them out, pet, scratch, provide a pool for them to cool off in, talk to, fuss, tend and serve.

Our outdoor animals are ok. So if you are like my mom who thinks they are suffering, just know that as we speak it’s 80 something outside and a fan is running in the goat barn for our poor goats and kitties.

I think they are going to be ok.

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