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If the past shows up, sometimes you just have to run!

cropped-shedding-light-on-the-past.jpgWe were in the airport walking calmly and suddenly I choke, make a small shrieking sound and grab my hubby’s hand. Our pace picks up as I try to breathe and not bust into a full run. He is obviously confused. “Don’t look!” I semi-shout in my hushed, panicked voice. At which people, including my hubby, automatically look. “Don’t look!” I insist and pick up the pace even faster. I know it’s not the most intelligent or mature response, but sincerely, I completely understand “fight or flight” at that moment in a deep, personal way like Biology 103 could never have taught! I get it. Run or ….RUN! OMG Run!

Good news? I outpaced the past in a heartbeat. No chance of it catching me.

A little ashamed of my panic, but I know that this relic from my past was not getting one more moment of my life. Sure, some might observe my minor panic attack as immature, or perhaps in need of deep counseling – fair enough.  But, suffice it to say that I successfully avoided another topic for the first paid session!

I’m telling ya’, Oprah has nothing on me.


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