Dear Brother….

Sometimes you just gotta dance, regardless of what people think.

My hubby and I are both from families of eight children, so celebrations around the holidays are always big. We had 24 people at our 1500 ft2 home on Christmas. Thank God for good weather that allowed overflow into the 300 ft2 covered deck. And this year, because we had the combination of great weather, our outdoor sound system and the awesome sound track from Guardians of the Galaxy, I danced with my oldest brother for the first time in my life. Officially my favorite Christmas memory ever.  “Hooked on a Feeling” at the top of our lungs, while others looked on like we were drunk, crazy people. I didn’t care. We were having a blast together. That moment of pure unhindered fun was something that I will never forget.

Now my brother is having health issues and I know that I have prayer, I have the memory of our dancing and the absolute love and respect for who he is to keep him strong. Life has not been easy for my brother and I’m sure there have been times where he has judged himself too harshly and taken credit for choices of those near him. But I know he’s been a good man, done everything he could and carried a lot of pain, guilt and burden.  That’s not his to carry.

Brother, from your youngest errrrrr…you have a great heart and I know you have done what you could. Some of it is out of your control. You have to let it go. You have to separate it from who you are. We love you. We surround you and adore you. Be strong brother, I’m praying for you. I need you to get better and take care of yourself. I love you brother.

You are an amazing man. I don’t care if you agree. You have to take my word for it, I’m the youngest and know best! 🙂

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