The Key to a Better Selfie

takecareI am really bad at taking a “selfie”. I usually end up with some haunting version of a nostril or looking like those creepy dog images where their nose or eyes are amplified to distortion. You know the ones.

And in life, it turns out I do the same thing to myself. In my effort to be the best, I end up distorting everything. Let me explain what I mean.

I’m a middle manager, a wife, a mom of young adult children, a daughter of aging parents. I focus on everyone else a lot of the time. And then when I’m ready to focus on me, I get selfish and demanding. I’m tired and a little self-righteous and want to be heard. But the pictures are not flattering. They are distorted by my exhausted self.

These are exactly the times when I have stopped exercising and find it hard to keep a balance in life. I don’t enjoy things, I am just doing.all.the.time.

I know that when I don’t take care of myself, I am really in no position to give meaningfully to others. Then I am on campaigns of giving and pouring out until I am desperate in my soul. I struggle to keep balance and that ultimately hurts everyone that I think I’m helping. My boss, my husband, my kids. And then in this state, I glorify overworking and distort the view of everything.

A friend quoted her grandmother to me the other day. “Don’t forget…take care of the one in front of the guy behind and the behind the guy in front.” It’s not selfish, it’s not wrong. It’s the key to a much, much better “selfie”.

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