Sorting, Garage Sales and Taking Control

be in love with your lifeThe neighbors are putting on their annual garage sale this weekend and that has prompted a frenetic look at every closet, the garage, all the bins….my life.

I even purged and organized the storage at work…what gives? So, truth be told, most of life at this certain juncture is in flux. Work is crazed and I’ve been working long, long days, evenings, weekends and making no progress. Home is disheveled from the long hours at work and life…and two dogs who should not have fur remaining leave the piles of hair reminders at my neglect. After a short “empty nest”, one college kid is back for the summer and adds to the change, albeit, a blessing, different.

I don’t even like garage sales. The memories of dickering over crud I felt had more value than a quarter and then begrudgingly hauling that same crap to a donation site wishing someone would offer me a dime for it. I don’t need more stuff. I certainly can’t store more stuff in my home that is less than 1/2 the size of the one we moved from. So we sort. I’m brutal at my hubby’s stuff, the craft stuff, the decorations and even, my closet. I’m a little more compassionate at the Christmas decorations. What is my problem? A 1500 ft2 home and 1800 ft2 of Christmas décor. I DID pair it down – four ornaments and a star. Shut up.

So, on this evening when I should be sorting instead of writing; should be working or enjoying my family; should be; should be; should be…I am trying to control any little thing I can get my hands on. My story. I can control my story.

Like the bulging closet, I can control what is stored in my heart. I can control my attitude and my focus and what I set my heart on. I can reevaluate the “deliveries” that have showed up at my soul and decide what I room to store and what is “return to sender.” I can reevaluate what is already stored there and decide what is old and needs to recycle or toss and what is to be kept for later. I am reminded that life, like garage sales, requires sorting and getting rid of. Being brutally honest and deciding what has to go. I don’t have to adopt every issue, every debate or struggle. I don’t need to come home with this “free stuff” I picked up at work and try to make it fit in my home, my life, my heart. I really am out of storage. Life is so short.

I am taking back control.

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