We ain’t in Washington anymore Toto.

I grew up on the West coast and spent most of my life there, even vacationed mostly in the Western side of the world. So this trip to South Carolina is my first visit to the Atlantic, to the south, to the East Coast (minus New York and Tampa) for any length of time. It’s different here.

It’s gorgeous and sunny and like living in a resort fantasy. The people are so friendly and they really do say “y’all” with such kindness you feel like they are your friend.

I hear the lady at the beach say in her southern drawl on the cell phone, “you would be Bo-oo-red” – yes, bored, with three syllables. Fascinating. This grown woman is talking about her “Mama” and discussing others while sitting in the sunshine working on her perfect tan and blonde hair.

The local “kids” who are here to work to surf, are hanging out everywhere talking about waves, pot and partying.  “Hey bro” one says in a southern accent gilded surfer dude tone. Cool.

I listen to the TV news, it’s Easter and they are discussing that Easter is about the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, who rose three days later, the holiest of celebrations for the Christian churches.  We most certainly are not in Washington any more.  Those words uttered on a TV station would just not happen in WA.

Littering in this cute little beach town is a $1000 fine plus prison! It’s sincerely the cleanest town I’ve ever been to!  They may be on to something.

The strangers on the street are friendly and want to strike up a conversation, tell you the best places to eat (they’re right!) and are walking a dog – there’s or someone else’s.  Everyone seems happy here.

I like it. South Carolina is beautiful. The beaches are so clean and with fine, soft sand, it makes you want to linger longer than your “mint-green hued Seattle base tan” will allow. The homes are gorgeous and the history surrounds you.

I am definitely coming back y’all.


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