Is this really progress?

Is this really progress?

We went by the Van Lierop Tulip and Daffodil farm this weekend and being new to the area, discovered the story of this gorgeous farm in Puyallup. Since the 1930s, they have grown tulips and daffodils at the foot of Mt. Rainier. The soil is gorgeous, the flowers stunning.

But it’s glory has faded and the family farmers retired last May and they signed a contract with a developer who intends to build industrial buildings. The main building had one walk-in cooler of cut flowers; double tulips, my favorite. The remainder of the “store” was filled with tables of “garage sale” items, each priced to move. One box with hand writing on it says, “I think this was grandma’s”. It was sad. Very sad.

The farm house and out buildings sit there and the fields are grown over with weeds now as the debate over zoning and the area’s development rages on. But it looks like some of the richest soil in the Puyallup valley will be covered over with asphalt and metal soon.

My heart rages, “Isn’t there some scab land that can hardly grow brush available for this function?” The marketing entrepreneur in me goes to work saving this property in my head. I want it. I want to keep it safe from industry. I want to create a haven that stands the test of time. This part of progress is sickening.

Like this beautiful little farm, the only bulb farm left in Puyallup, the double tulips on my table begin to fade. They have a few more days left of life. Today, I hate progress.

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