What you see in Vegas….

Vegas. So many amazing experiences, sounds and sights. Oh the sights. I’m not sure there are full length mirrors in the hotels. I have to believe it was a lack of awareness.

“Kick me in the balls for $20,” reads the sign from a local who is standing next to the two ladies whose costumes are made of paint (and only paint) on their bodies celebrating March madness. Photos for tips. Not to be outdone by the “cupid” in wings, fake tan, long bleached blonde hair and an adult diaper. There wasn’t a line of people looking for a photo with him. Strange.


The crowd, dressed to prowl, tip toeing in 4-6 inch heels that have not been walked in enough to pull off the look convincingly.  One, two, three, four…stop, pull down skirt. One, two, three….  From an outside view, 4, no make that 6 inches, too short. Oh a full length mirror could have served you well honey.


There are certain things that khaki and white should not be draped upon. My back end being one of them. Don’t you ever accuse me of not being benevolent or generous to the good of humanity.


The newest drink craze in Vegas is essentially an alcoholic slurpee. Served in containers ranging from 32 oz to 3 feet tall, there is a handy neck strap to carry these around. Or, you drag them like a club, as many people seem to do.


I wish the things you see in Vegas could stay in Vegas too.


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