Picking Up a Vibe

So I’m at my desk jamming along and someone yells from past my office door – “are you ok?”. “yeah, why?” “I’m just picking up a vibe.”

Hmm. What vibe? I didn’t feel a vibe. Didn’t know I had a vibe, let alone that I was putting one off. I muse for about 2.3 seconds and forget about it, turning back to work.

But later, I remember the comment and begin to introspect. Maybe I was putting something off and didn’t know it? What was I thinking? What was I feeling? Where was I coming from? Round and round and round (insert screeching sounds here). Now there was a day when I may have stayed there and picked the proverbial lint from my belly button for hours. But if life has taught me anything it’s that one of the MOST boring topics is myself. Yawn with boots on!

So, I realize. What is going on? I’m working hard, producing awesome stuff, have an amazing team and having fun. I’m organized, concentrating and jamming. What’s that?  Oh yeah, that vibe you’re picking up? It’s called “kicking butt”!



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