Farm Girl at Heart

tulipsAsk me where this yard-and-garden, from-scratch-cooking, antique-hunting, crafting-nest-building love came from and I’m at a loss. A little from grandma, a little from my sister, maybe a shake from my brother and a splash from my honey’s grandma and dad and here I am- a city-living farm girl at heart.

The biggest disappointment of my year was discovering the county rules for back yard chickens mean I can’t have them here. Wait, what? I already have names picked out! Do you hear me mister rule making entity? Names!

All winter I read organic gardening magazines, I follow innumerable pages on Facebook and blogs, sketch out my yard and garden beds, carefully detailing where new flowers, plants and veggies will go. Then this time of year, I can’t wait to get in my garden. It’s all the self-control I can muster to not run out the first sunny day in March (wait, there haven’t been any, but I digress) and put seeds in the ground.  I can’t wait to see the flowers of spring, the harvest of the summer, the fall. I’m reading books about farming and have decided this year I am going to learn to make cheese. (For those who know me, is there a more perfect hobby?)  I love barns. I love animals. And I may or may not believe that freshly tilled fields of dirt are beautiful. (Insert children’s voices – Really mom? Dirt? You think dirt is beautiful? Yep.)

For now, my farm is a lot on the creek with one raised bed, a little herb garden and two dogs who “help” (aka dig up what I have just done). I may be in the city, but I am a Farm Girl at Heart.





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