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Ok, got these big girl panties on, now what?

20121209-175900.jpgI work hard. In the past two years I think I have worked harder than I knew I had in me.  It’s been challenging, rewarding and I’ve grown from it.  I’ve seen the great results from the efforts and that is very motivating. The business growth has reflected this as well and resources have been added to help continue this upward climb. But it can’t come at this personal pace.

I’ve realized to be a good leader, to really be successful in life and business, I have to have balance. And that is not going to come easily, served up on a plate. I have to create that reality for myself and my team at work. No more excuses. No more wasted time.

So, I have officially put appointments on my calendar for personal time, joined the gym (and really am going!), began reading again, joined a new professional organization and I am eating better. Sure, there are always colliding priorities and meetings and requests and emails. But if I am not mature enough to quit making excuses and take control, I will never be great.

I intend to be great.

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