Fly Be Free

 Fly Be Free

Our baby girl is volunteering in an orphanage in Guatemala. This is sweet Maggie. One of the many angelitos who have crept their way in to the heart of my daughter.  As a parent, you might get nervous when the books your child reads are about young, twenty-something-year-olds who have gone abroad and adopted 15+ kids, committing themselves to life abroad, changing the world of one child at a time. Yeah, that could happen.

We have had phone calls of heart ache where some may not return, the painful realization that she may not see these kids again, then the next a triumphant celebration of the sweet little baby that was added to the mix.  Each call gives pause to this mama’s heart. The transition home is going to be even harder than ever. There is this time where the heart ache, the depression, the heart longing is tough. There is a space needed, mixed with a hug.  There is a space that all who do international outreach need.  Why do we have so much? Why do they have so little? What will happen?  A wrestle with here and there…I expect it to be great this time – more so than ever.

This mama’s heart is steeling herself for the potential reality of my baby not being able to stand the separation. These angelitos just might steal the heart of my angelito so that she will stay, or go again, or come and go forever.  I know I can not hold you back and would not dare, but I do wish you prayerful love and the strength to “fly and be free” – do what God is asking of you. But make room for me to visit!



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