Beautiful Change

Beautiful Change

I love the fall. The crisp, cool air is exhilarating. The colors are amazing and every day is something new. Yellow. Orange. Red. Brown. The trees shimmy in the breeze and drop their beautiful offerings at our feet. It’s a perfect, beautiful change happening all around us.

Why then, do the changes in life’s seasons bother so much? Why do we not turn our face to the tree tops and celebrate the newness, the changes, the colors, the crisp freshness that each season brings? Life is a gift. A precious and limited gift. I intend to enjoy each phase of it and celebrate the breath I have. To make the most of my opportunities. To celebrate the yellow, the orange, the red, the brown. Thank you life, for beautiful change. For newness, for opportunity, growth and the crisp, beautiful reality of each new day. Change is beautiful.

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