The Acreage Fell Through but the Nest is Perfect!

Six months after moving in to our new little nest, things are finally starting to feel settled. The trees in our green space are turning beautiful fall colors and the gas fireplace is working hard to keep me contently curled up on the couch. The dogs are both in a semi-conscious state sprawled in front of its heat.

Outside the window, the mallards are swimming in pairs and the blue heron is standing frozen, waiting for a dinner to swim by.  The swallows and chickadees flit from branch to branch of our willows and the trees gently rustle in the breeze.  It’s absolutely a peaceful little slice of get-away.

Thankfully, we found this little house on a day we were both exhausted from months of moving, living apart and driving/flying back and forth. We just wanted to be together and to relax. Oh thank goodness the five acre farm and house that needed total transformation fell through! This is my heaven on earth. So thankful.

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