If my life is turning upside down, I want you with me

We are in the middle of a life change. No, make that, a total-turn-your-life-upside-down-and-then-spin-it, change.  A life change would be easy.  Change would be simply a new job.  That’s kid stuff.  By now, we have got to be either the toughest marriage on the planet, or completely “stark raving mad” together.

I’ve never really been a under achiever, so why the heck not try to sell a house, move, start a huge, new job, find a job for spouse, buy a new house, have both kids off to college and spend the first six months of our “empty nest” apart?  Easy peasy, right? Ok, I might have met my limit.

I’m not trying to complain, but this transition has solidified one thing in me deeper than ever before.  I just want roots. I want roots to grow, dig and spread and I don’t want to pull them up again…at least not for a long, long time. 

I’m at the age where simplification sounds like heaven on earth. I work darn hard every day and then want to be home with the one who means the most to me and enjoy our time, our season together. 

Part of me has questioned, “have I messed this up?” “was this a wrong move?” but each time my strength, my sweet love, assures me that it is the right move and it will work.  Like a dance team switching roles, on the days he questions, I manage to find a strength and hope to keep us on the road. 

As the road narrows and the end seems to get closer, the obstacles feel as if they are mounting.  I will admit, in my finest moment, I did let God know I was mad at him just a bit.  This past week has been a joy sandwiched in disappointments and then bad news wrapped in half-hearted “it might works”. 

Through all of this I recognize, the only thing sure is that God will guide us on the path right for us.  It’s not in my hands, our realtor’s hands or any others, it’s in His hands and I am grateful I have a strong and amazing husband who still wants to live in our “empty nest” with me.

Now…if we could just find that little nest.

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