So growing up, we instituted a new acronym in our family. TMD…Too Much Drama. When raising a teenage girl, that phrase surprisingly is very efficient and appropriate in many occasions.

We are blessed with a daughter who has so much vision, so much drive and passion and the heart to change the world. There’s a plan or a mental check list behind every outfit, every day, every move. That’s an awesome, exact opposite of brother, trait, but it’s also a curse. I’d love to say she gets that from daddy, but a liar I’d be.

So our driven and motivated daughter with the plan for at least her next 15 years, may, on occasion, express an overabundant amount of emotion as a response to her world. On occasion, I have found myself surprised by my own reaction as a parent.

After an exceptionally stressful week and the crying so hard cry that she was gasping for breath, the total amount of parental wisdom was reduced to this counsel, “you really need to go find a party and blow off some steam. You can’t take life so seriously.”

Maybe not a Readers Digest moment, but accurate none-the-less. Go ahead, judge me, but a young college student should enjoy life, experience the great opportunities college brings and not be stressed how this grade on a paper impacts the remainder of their existence. I don’t remember life being so full of stress (yes, I recognize that is a symptom of aging…shut up), but I sincerely think life is so serious sometimes.

If I could leave some lasting impartation of profound wisdom, it might just be, “go find a party and don’t take life so seriously.” Seriously. I’ve been there, done that and it makes life suck!

Fly be free little daughter. Life will work out. Just apply your heart and enjoy the moment and make the most of the opportunities now. You’ll be amazing, you will change the world I have no doubt, regardless of the grade on that last test. I’m proud of you, but can we scale down the drama? LOL!

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