While you were sleeping

I heard some young parents recently talking about how their now screaming, over tired child needed complete blackness and quiet to sleep. My inside self smiled thinking of how scarred my own children must be.

When you are pregnant, people LOVE to tell you stories. Random folks give you advice and terrify you with the gritty, unsolicited details of their labor, but one piece of advice I remember, changed my life. One wise mother told me to never tip toe and shush everyone in the house when the kids went down to bed. The kids need to learn to sleep through noise.  And watching these tired and stressed young parents made me think of that wise advice. But I might have taken it too far.

You see my children, on occasion, would wake up with their bed in a different place than when they went to sleep. Thinking back, I’m sure this disorienting reality might have messed with them in the mornings, but for the most part, they seem pretty stable. I would go in to the kid’s rooms and clean, vacuum (which rarely goes without a new arrangement) and tidy up the shelves, toys, clothes, etc….all while they were asleep. And by rearrangement, I mean, moving their bed with them in it too. I never heard them say anything in the morning when they were in a different place than when they went to sleep, so they must be OK. At least I took as a tacit approval for the obsessions while they slept.

Perhaps there is something or some kind of balance from the tip-toeing to the what-happened-why-I-was-sleeping approach that I have deployed.

Sleep tight little babies.

1 thought on “While you were sleeping”

  1. Wow–I never held back much on the noise that came from living in the house with my kids, but actually cleaning the room while they slept in it? Didn’t go quite that far!

    A former sister-in-law of mine brought my nephew home from the hospital when he was born and promptly went around the house turning on every last appliance: washer, dryer, vacuum, microwave, dishwasher, you name it. My brother asked why and she said, “So he’ll sleep through anything.”

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