Excuse me, can you tuck those in?

I’m not old, not really.  But don’t ask my kids for confirmation. But, tonight’s post may make you think I’m old.

I’m enjoying a delicious meal and beverage as I looked over the Twitter and Facebook posts of the day after work. I’m content, just enjoying the moment and the young gal down the table and across from me is slouching. My youngest will tell you that’s a trigger, but in this case, she is slouching so much that her chest is nearly on the table. She’s a beautiful young woman, but her posture is distracting!

As old as it sounds, slouching is sloppy, it’s bad for your spine, it doesn’t give your best and looks just uncomfortable and awkward. But all that aside, when you are wearing a very low cut rounded neck line on a t-shirt that really should have been retired about 10-20 pounds ago, the slouching takes on a whole new impact. Like a train wreck, all the young folks around her try to avert their gaze but end up looking into her…eyes over and over again.

Everything in me would like to signal her some how, maybe she has no idea that her posture/shirt combo have left absolutely NOTHING to the imagination. I force myself to look away and instead, order a shot of Fireball and pay my bill. See kids, I didn’t embarrass you this time. LOL!

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