Life, change and dating

We’ve talked about it and decided it’s right for us, this is the right move.  After 30 years away, I have moved back to the Seattle area to be near my family and follow an amazing career opportunity. I love it, I’m happy, I am challenged and growing and enjoying the experience. In some ways it feels absolutely right. In some ways, so wrong.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a pretty strong person and can handle a lot, but somewhere between “mom, I need a tutor or I will fail math” and “dad, split his head open after falling at the nursing home again”, I start to weaken.  Add in a dose of disappointment about a job opportunity for hubby, then a sappy Hallmark holiday movie and I am suddenly reduced to a puddle of tears.  Seriously?  I’m not a big crier, what is happening?

Truth is, I miss my honey.  I don’t like being home alone every night and talking to hubby every day on the phone just doesn’t cut my need for a hug, a kiss, for love.  We get to see each other every other week, so we joke that we are “dating” for now.  It’s nice to see him, but it makes for twice as many goodbyes and each one seems to be a little harder.

Although change is tough, I am convinced that this stage of life will bring with it a strength.  We have weathered a lot in our 26 years together and I know that our reunions are sweeter because of it.  So at this time of year I am giving thanks for us.  For my hubby. For my family. Giving thanks for life. For change. For dating.  I am blessed.

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