And all this time I limited myself

Life is full of surprises. Boys, this post isn’t for you…or maybe it is.

I pass the young man waiting outside the door to the store in the mall, he must be twelve.  “What the heck is he hanging out here for?” I think.  Then his sister returns with the familiar pink ribbon handled bag and he walks ahead of her.  He’s too embarassed to be seen with his sister hauling her intimate purchases.

So, on this rainy afternoon, I finally muster the courage to go in and ask to be measured and fitted.  Things just aren’t what they used to be and I need professional intervention.

The gal is nearly giddy to assist me and is so excited to report the good news!  She announces her findings and then politely hands me a card with it written on it as if I wouldn’t remember her announcing my endowment to the world.  I glance….what?  My husband will be ecstatic. This young thing is glowing at me as if I’m some sort of hero.  It occurs to me, maybe I should apply for a job here….maybe I should just go with it.

It’s been a few weeks, I’m over the shock and learning to love the body I have.  I love my new purchases, they work for me.  My hubby is wonderful and loves me always, for which I’m so grateful.  I’ve learned that life comes with surprises, changes and twists and our choice is how we face them and manage them.  For me, I’m going with it.


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