Dear Mr. President (an Open Letter to the new President – BEFORE the results are final)

Dear Mr. President,

We have endured years of political bantering leading up to this election. Rhetoric, hype, attacks, media buzz have left me numb.  I hear the news, the race is pretty close. Very close. Awaiting a few critical decisions.

I hope when you are finally installed, that you appreciate how divided this nation really is. That you appreciate how much we, the people, need you to hear us. That you read between the “close calls” to see that we need hope.

I have a good job, I’m blessed and grateful. But with kids in college and securely in the middle class, we are taking on debt near $40K a year to make a future possible for our kids. I wonder if retirement will be possible for us? My father lays sadly in a nursing home where he had to abandon his military pension from 23 years of service (15 years of combat where we barely saw him as children) and go on to Medicaid. The remainder of his social security and a small post-military job pension leave my mother living in a small apartment on a very fixed income. My siblings struggle with debt and taxes, barely keeping their homes and providing for families, facing lay off again in this year and yet are the backbone of American workers, laborers and union.

My children are disillusioned and every day I pass homeless people on the street who are desperate.  There are not enough services for the great need in our country.  There are not enough listening.  There is not enough compassion.

I know it takes time, I know it takes us all doing our part, but I hope and pray sincerely, as you take this most important role, that you consider how close this race was. Your people, WE THE PEOPLE, are talking. We are not secure, fed, sheltered, working, at ease.  We are losing hope in our great nation.

Please don’t forget us. Please listen. Please take care of our great nation of people first. Every single one who deserves dignity and hope. Take care of us Mr. President.  We have a lot of work to do together.

God Bless You and God Bless America.

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