My 2cents Worth

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Life is short.  Life is precious. Life is now.  It’s not “over there” or “in a minute” or “when I get” or anywhere else but right now.  As I’ve aged, er matured, I appreciate that reality more than ever. Inspired by a friend’s blog post (http://pickendawn.blogspot.com/2012/07/what-now.html), I am inclined to write to encourage you dear readers that following the life for YOU leads to the greatest freedoms and moments of your life. 

Growing up as the youngest of 8, and living today without two of those siblings, will bring this sort of reality to life. But it doesn’t take physical loss of life to teach you these things. (Although admittedly, there is nothing quite like the sucker punch of a short life to make you pay attention.) Life itself and your very heart will teach you if you are brave enough to listen to it. And wise counsel is very beneficial to help you sort through the facts and bring clarity, but ultimately, you know the path that is right for you and discover quite often, that wise counsel is just talking you in to what you already know.  But there, are those few all-knowing-not-so-helpful ones that guide from their own fear that are more at risk of bumping you off track, more concerned with the safe path (aka the known path). Yawn.

To those, who nay-say or “caution” (aka tell you you’re nuts) or simply just sit off and judge about the choices of others, I have three things to tell you. 1) As my youngest at age two so eloquently put it, “you’re not the boss of me” and really, how do you know what is right for me or anyone else?; 2) Please do not impose your own fear to my dreams. I have a big enough heart, soul and faith to believe and to try, to take risks, to fly. Please don’t clip my wings because you “can’t, shouldn’t, wouldn’t”. 3) Following these opportunities, dreams or shifts are what I believe is right for me, the path I’m supposed to be on. Can’t you trust that, have that much faith with me, in me?

Opportunity is always opening it’s door and I’m looking.  I’m always going to be looking.  I understand if you are good with what you have and where you are and you should be. I am too. I am a big believer in living your life right now and making the most of it today. But that doesn’t mean that the reality right now is all there will ever be. That doesn’t make my expectant heart unsound, unwise or lacking judgement. It just may be different than the direction you would go. And different is OK. 

If I live the rest of my years exactly here, I will adore the moments of it. The daisies, the little 4-year-old neighbor who pops in through the dog door for a hug or a new paint color on her nails, the challenges, the opportunities and the balls of dog hair lined up along the floor boards. But if life brings new opportunities I am going to look and think and pray and discuss and decide, ultimately, what I know is right for my life, for our life, for my heart’s survival. 

I’m not going to go join some strange camp and drink the koolaid, but I am going to remain poised and open to the possibilities that this life brings. To live any other way, for me, would be suffocating my own soul and heart. If you don’t get that, that’s OK. I still accept you. But I won’t let you hold me back and I hope you wouldn’t want to.

I’m so happy my friend is following her possibilites and flying. Best wishes dear friend – we’ll be watching for you in the sky and cheering you on! My soul is thrilling and so expectant for the great things ahead for you!

Fly!  Fly and be free!

2 thoughts on “My 2cents Worth”

  1. Thank you, Sally. So very touching and wise. ‘nothing like the sucker punch of a short life to make you pay attention.’ Amen, sista. And I love your definition of wise counsel. Peace and love to you, my friend.

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