Now I understand why they call it MIDDLE age

What the heck happened??  Something crazy is going down…er, out, to be exact, with my body.  How is it that the same exact calorie intake and exercise routine equals an ever widening mid-section?  I’ve never had a fat middle – I’m an ex-gymnast for goodness sake. I’m certain I did more ab work outs and crunches in my life than most families combined. Shouldn’t that buy me some sort of life membership?  Anybody?


Sigh.  Looks like the Ab Lounger in the basement and I need to get reacquainted. Well, at least there is pride working in my favor. You see, I have an absolute stubborn refusal to change my clothing size up, so there is a certain limit to this situation. I’ll get a handle on it, promise…well, two actually.

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