You Are My Sunshine

This time of year plays with my heart. The weather, like a bad high school romance, is on and off again.  “Let’s run away and enjoy the sunshine together” it promises. Then “never mind, I’ve changed my mind” it teases in its cold, fickle way. My heart is left with highs and lows, the exuberance of a brisk spring day, new blooms and birds and the disbelief of snow on my budding roses.

But there’s something so magical about this time year. The early seeds are in my garden, the tulips are beginning to poke up, the trees are budding and neighbors emerge from their winter hiding. Everything is a bit lighter and everyone seems a bit happier this time of year. Every morning I move to open the blinds and curtains to let the sunshine spill into the house.

Fickle or not, my heart is willing to risk the tease of spring. For indeed, the moments of warmth and sunshine are worth the pain!  Sunshine, you do indeed make me happy.

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