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Happiness is…

Happiness is defined so many different ways.  You hear it everywhere…if only I were (fill in the blank), then I’d be happy.  Be it size and weight, the money you make, the home you live in, the absence or presence of kids, the absence or presence of your job…the list could go on.

Having been around a bit and travelled on the slow and steady path of life’s opportunities and joys, I’ve come to recognize that happiness is none of these things at all.  In fact, my theory is that happiness is not something we can hold in our hands, like that beautiful pair of heels I could barely peel my hands off of at DSW.  Nope, it’s a little slippery-er (yes, I did) than that.

We all hear the mantra, “happiness is a state, a place of being we choose.” Nice.  So I hear a phrase like this and I am instantly picturing a child with their eyes squinted tightly closed.  You know, that “if I close my eyes, you can’t see me” type of routine.  If I just close my eyes and pretend the laundry is done and that the plastic container cupboard in the kitchen doesn’t avalanche onto me every time I open it, I will be happy. Peek.  Nope, didn’t work. Better pick up the mess.

But let’s be honest, as soon as we hear something like this, many of us are looking for the “10 easy steps to choosing a state of happiness” list.  Just like the diet, if we only had a map that told us what to do when, we would be truly living in that state of happiness.  Ah, there we go again.

In my quest for happiness, I make myself dizzy trying to plan, relax, budget, do or accomplish whatever gimmick I believe will bring that elusive moment.  Then it dawns on me, my happiest moments were the ones where I didn’t, wasn’t, couldn’t.  Happiness, I have found is right smack in the middle of the mess, the reality of life.  When I can enjoy right here, right now, with whom I share this moment, not fretting over the next thing, that’s when I find that space.

Yep, happiness is all around us and it looks a little different for each of us, but I believe it’s not something we create, it’s something we recognize and enjoy.  Peace friends, may your day be truly filled with happiness.

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