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The Trip of Our Dreams

My youngest is embarking on a trip of a lifetime. She is even getting to miss school for it!

She’s signed up to join a humanitarian project in Jamaica (Great Shape, Inc.) and will spend 10 days in a third world country helping teach literacy and reading to children. It will change her life, I’m certain.

As a senior in high school who has grown up with more than her fair share of blessings, this little fashion-diva-turned-humanitarian is in for some amazing education. I can’t wait to hear the stories, to see the expression on her face as she retells of her experiences and the want in her voice to return another time. I expect it.

This little girl (ahem, young lady) of mine has wanted to be a teacher for as long as she could talk. In every bedroom, closet or home we’ve lived in, she has set up classrooms and diligently taught her bears, dolls and occasionally the cat, about math, reading and other important lessons in “school”. This year she volunteers three days a week in a classroom and helps children with their projects, reading and is learning the ways of a young teacher and loving it!

My daughter, the lay in bed and plan out every detail of the day daughter, is indeed in for an education. The “unplannable”  hurry up and wait, the unpredictable and the beautiful brown eyes of a child will change her for ever.

Upon her return she already has it planned out. She will write her essay for college applications and tell of the life-transforming trip of our dreams. I’m certain it will be a very inspiring read!

Next year, I’ll plan to return with her.

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