So what’s so big about a bird in a tree?

I peeked out the front door to check on the new happy flower faces in my yard today and was startled by a robin who flew out from the peony bush just near the front porch.  She had a big juicy worm.  “Good for her,” I thought and went on my way.

Then later in the day, as I sat in the office working at the computer, the very same robin caught my eye.  It darted around our yard carrying another worm and ducked behind the low branches of our weeping cherry tree. “She must be quite hungry,” I thought as I observed her feathers a little messed and her strangely skinny body.  “She seems so thin,” I thought to myself and then quickly dismissed the bird.

As I sat near the window, something stirred.  What? Could it be?  Through a perfect little “window” in the branches,   Mama robin was feeding three little birds who opened in sync as soon as she entered.  We have a bird family in our tree!

Why is that such a big deal?  Because our home is just five years old this summer and all of the trees in our neighborhood are just getting strong enough to not bow under the weight of a simple robin.  The presence of this bird family somehow feels as if our yard is maturing and that this is where families belong.  It just completes something.

Welcome little birdies! Welcome mama robin!  We’re so proud to have you with us.

Come to think of it…she had the same ruffled and thin look as some of my dear friends who just had babies of their own!

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