Nature vs. Nurture

There’s been a longing in my soul lately.  Something deep, stirring, undeniable.  I’ve buried it in snacking, avoided it with activity and crowded out its small voice with music, TV and talking.  But at the end of the day, when my head rests on my pillow and the gears of my mind begin to slow from a constant hum, I realize….there it is again. Softly, quietly, persistently reminding me that I’ve lost something in my middle-of-life reality.  That longing is my soul’s cry for simplicity.

In these moments I typically will busy myself with the task of “simplifying”. I clean closets, drawers, downsize, eliminate and purge and that does help, mind you. But it occurred to me as I wandered in the garden yesterday searching for the signs of spring bulbs that I so easily lose “this”.  This state of hope, expectancy, peace…the peace of not needing to be anywhere or do anything specifically, but of just enjoying right here, right now. This moment, wandering in the yard barefoot, not tuned in to the fact that my feet were freezing and the light drizzle was soaking both me and the two dog helpers who quietly follow me around the yard.  This moment is simple.  This moment is what brings me back to balance.  This moment is nurturing.

I so easily get distracted with busyness.  Projects, work, family and what’s for dinner swirl in my mind constantly.  When I begin to awaken in the night realizing I was composing Twitter posts in my dreams, having heart to heart conversations and writing emails in my sleep, it occurs to me, perhaps I need to put my Cheez-it crackers down and listen to my soul!  

The nature of my job and life is to go, go, go.  To multi-task and handle it all.  I love my busy life, but sometimes I need to stop, slow and nurture my soul, quiet my mind and recharge my batteries.

I saw a quote that said we need to find the things that feed our soul and make us feel alive because that is what the world needs most – people who are alive! 

That is what my soul is saying too.  The gentle nudge is a reminder that among the nature of my life I must nurture the needs of my soul.  For me that place of soul-feeding nurturing is finding the place of simplicity in life where I can stop and enjoy this unique and special moment.  This is setting up to be a blessed and beautiful day.

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