Pink Chenille Slippers at Work (shared from a previous blog)

There are those times in life…days, weeks, moments…when you feel as if you just can’t take any more. I’ve had one of those recently. Meetings that stretch on for hours, return messages and to-do lists that seem endless and stress pressing in on all sides. It’s at these very times that this high achieving self-motivated performer feels like sitting and doing nothing.

In the face of overwhelming work loads, challenges and tasks, my mind drifts away from this meeting on revenue to my pink chenille slippers and a glass of wine. Is it a sign if I’m thinking of wine by 10 am? I digress.

But no fear! I know the cure. At the close of the final meeting of the day, I promptly slip away, reach for my things and head for home. 

There are some things that a hair appointment  or a new pair of earrings can fix, but there are some days that call for my pink chenille slippers! I’m feeling much better!

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