Amazing Love (reposted from my old blog)

We “love” a lot of things…chocolate, sunshine, outdoors, coffee, etc. But that’s not what I’m talking about here.

No, the kind of love I am talking about has power. It has life. It has a transforming energy about it. Love is an intangible force that can brighten, strengthen, empower, cleanse, heal, motivate and sustain. Love is indeed amazing.

I’ve been both the recipient and the giver of that kind of love.  My husband, my mother, my God, my dog…they adore me.  And I feel that strength of love to my husband and children, my family, my God, my friends and on occasion, even to my dogs. 

I realized something about love today.  Something I’ve known forever cognitively, but just got clarity on in my current situation.  I can’t really give that kind of love if I don’t feel love toward myself.  Now I must admit that even typing those words sounds silly to me and a part of me winces as if some cosmic hand is going to come slap my mouth for speaking such selfish things. But that’s missing the point all together.

Lately I’ve been a whole lot of negative about myself.  My weight, my body, my attitudes, etc.  And that has started to spill over into other things.  I don’t want to become a “negative Nellie” (sorry to the Nellies of the world – remember to love yourself!) and drag myself and others down.

So I realize that if I do not accept, forgive and love who I am uniquely in this world, then I will not be able to accept love lavished on me.  As long I am unable to believe I deserve to be loved this way, I will repel those thoughts and feelings as if I am unworthy of their strength and joy.

Sounds rather silly and pretty obvious, but if I want to restore the joy and happiness to my life, I have to start with a sincere and humble belief that I am loved with an amazing love by so many in my life and that I deserve it.  That’s not self-centered, that’s smart.  That’s opening myself to the healing, strength, cleansing, empowering and joy that love, amazing love can provide.

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