Threads of Light

Another chilly morning, another dusting of fresh snow.  There’s something beautiful and peaceful after a snow fall, but it is in this time of year my soul begins to long for the light.

 I eagerly seek the dawning of spring when each morning the sun takes a little less time to awaken and in the evenings, the light does not rush to go away. I long for brave little birds to appear in search of early goodness and the windows in our home become reacquainted with the soft glow of sunshine.

 The blooms aren’t quite ready as they remain safely tucked under a blanket of snow, but the weather teases and flirts with sunshine, then snow, then sunshine again.  It’s a cruel dance of give and take that leaves my heart longing for something I can’t quite have…at least not yet.

 Perhaps it’s my California birth or a genetic code akin to a cat. The filtered sunshine threads its way through the blinds and spills happily on the floor.  Like a kitty, I am drawn to its warmth, its golden smile and my heart begins to purr. Oh sunshine, do not taunt, but come.  Hurry and bring back to life my garden and my soul!

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