Dreaming…good for my soul

Family Snow Moment

I have ideas…lots and lots of ideas. I joke that I could fill 3 lifetimes with all of these inventions of my creativity. You see, I’m a possibility person.  The age-old song titled, “don’t fence me in” plays in mind every time I hear, “that’s not how we have done it” or “it probably won’t happen.”  Nothing harshes my spirit more than a negative Eeyore-esque person who doesn’t believe in dreams. 

Life is full of possibilities and it can be beautiful if you take time to see it! So call me Pollyanna if you must, I won’t hold it against you and some day when you need to feel valued, I will gladly include you in my dream.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not silly and blithely walk through life believing that if I thought it, it will come to pass. Let’s get real. There are those pesky details such as time, money, opportunity, health, etc. But, overall, I am not afraid to dream. For to me, dreams are the stars, the possibilities and the potential to do and be more in this life. I’m not where I want to be forever. I’ve got things to do!

Sure dreaming is scary and frankly a bit vulnerable. But to me, dreaming is the fuel for my passion, the warmth for my soul and the life to my heart. I have a dream, an exciting, change my part of the world dream. I have seen the location for it, I know the partners and helpers I will call in, I’ve seen the photos of it successfully working in my mind. Now I just need to figure out a few of those pesky details….

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