Resolving to not resolve

Somehow there is a magical threshold between the 31st of Dec. and Jan. 1st that opens a portal to a new and improved life, a new me, a better body, home, job!

And every year, we make resolutions and declare our new-found passion to become something better or new.  I’m not judging, I do it every year myself.  Some have been in writing, but most I’ve never dared to give life to on a page.  This year, in spite of myself, I am hereby resolving to not make resolutions!

What? You have to make resolutions, it’s a tradition!  No thank you.
This is nearly sacrilege!  Perhaps, I’m willing to risk it.
Well then, surely you won’t accomplish much this year.  Perfect!

Wait, what?  I say perfect because I mean that is exactly what I hope.  Let me explain.  So much of the stress I have brought on myself in this life is by striving.  Striving to be something else, to say and do the right thing, to be the best, do what’s expected, etc. and somewhere in the middle of my striving I forget to just BE. I lose sight of what is important and abandon the soul of who I am. I skip the proverbial “smelling of the roses” to rush to the next, new version of me!

This year, I plan to BE.  Enjoy, live, choose, act, spend, work and love because that’s who I am and what I love to do.  I will live in a way that cultivates peace and hope and love in my own soul.  Not because I have a measure to reach or a 6-step program to be a better me.  Nope, simply because I am and I have a lot to celebrate!

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