Life is Better Surrounded by Things you Love.

Welcome to my site. I am so glad you stopped by. Polka Dot Farmer is dedicated to all of my favorite things – Food, Farm and Fru Fru.

For years I had a dream of owning a farm and we landed on that dream – we got our tractor, our goats we intended to breed and learn to make cheese, we had farm fresh eggs from our chickens, had fruit and produce growing on our farm and I started an online store and a cottage food business. Things were moving along and then life shifted gears and we find ourselves in a new place, with a fresh start in front of us.

So, I’m Polka Dot Farmer, focusing on the things I love – family, home, cooking, flowers, farm style decor and friends. Making things from scratch, creating beautiful things – that is my language of love. Someday I’ll own a way to share my love of all things food, farm and fru fru again, but until then, we will just connect on common ground – kindness, love, food and beauty. Be blessed.